Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday, July 7, 2014

A Change is Gonna Come

Happy Monday! A new blog is currently in the making!

Stephen & I have been, for several months, planning a new collaborative effort that is, a new blog! The idea behind this blog first came to mind about a year and a half ago; yet things are just now swinging into motion as far as the look, the content, and the targeted audience, and everything else that accompanies a successful blog. The idea is something of which both of us have had a passion and vision for a few years; but it's taken quite some time to develop and prepare for takeoff!

That being said- the new website will replace this little blog. However, I will make sure to archive the best-loved posts from this blog for later reading.

The next post here will be announcing the debut of our NEW blog! For now, you may follow me on Instagram and for my current food/decor/lifestyle faves and overall eye candy you can follow me on Pinterest!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Momma.

  My Momma. Today is her birthday. Where do I even start? There are so many virtues that I could point out. I could compile a substantial list of all of her admirable traits. Like a diamond exhibits innumerable facets, depending on which angle you examine it from, and how much light it's reflecting, so is there an abundance of characteristics I could name. However, I will not deny this fact-  when I begin to think of these, one stands out before the rest. I have never, and will never know anyone more patient. I'll never know a stronger person. She has lived out the highest example of resilience I've ever known.  I can only hope and strive to be as anchored as she is. 

(Mothers Day 2013)

(Her Birthday 2012)

Happy Birthday Momma!!

Looking forward to our gathering this evening to celebrate!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Miss Polly

Somedays, I just feel like going all granny-style. Which, isn't too difficult if you're Great-Granny looked and dressed anything like mine....

(l-r: my grandmother, great granny, great-grandpa, great-aunt Debbie; circa 1955, Chicago)

My three fondest memories of my Great-granny, Pauline, are 1. Her giving me an orange and explaining to me that I need to eat all of the "white stuff" from the inside of the skin, because it's full of vitamins; 2. The familiar smell of her house (didn't matter who was there or what was being cooked); and 3. She always had to look "just right" before you took a photo of her.....all the way into her elderly years. It was inevitable; if she was in the photo, just when you begin to count 3, 2...... "Hold on!" Great-granny just had to make sure she looked fabulous for the camera first. We all loved that about her. She was just so cute. 

Made me wonder how many times she told the person taking the photo to re-take the photo "just one more time" until she was satisfied. If anyone in the family has any sense of style, I like to think that it can be contributed to "Miss Polly" she was called by some (I think it's adorable). I love old family photos- period- because there are certain attributes to each family member that I fall in love with, and tend to look for when wandering through my mother and grandmother's photo albums. I had the privilege of knowing my Great Granny before she passed away, an opportunity I know that everyone isn't able to enjoy. I am thankful that she brought together our family on all sides, on a very regular basis. She didn't have a very large home, but that didn't matter. Bring out the card tables and folding chairs, because one of the most important things to her was having all of her kids, grandchildren, great-grands, nieces nephews and friends over. All at once, if possible. I love to find photos of her in her younger years; one of the things I like to notice about her was her sense of style. All of that being said, sifting through the racks of vintage and thrift stores can have a huge payoff.....of you have the patience and know what to look for! One of my latest vintage treasures is reminiscent of my Granny's wardrobe.

So, there. This is what I like to call my "granny style"......because, I just happen to have a Granny that was always dressed-to-the-teeth. Now if I can just keep up with her example! Not just as far as her style goes; but keeping what's most important at the top of her priorities, and that was her loved ones and their well-being.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New York City: In a Nutshell

Oh, New York City.

It dampened my spirit to leave, and I was planning my next trip before we even left.

The cozy room we stayed in, at the Tuscany in Midtown East area. We loved staying here. It was a restful haven after the hustle & bustle of the big city all day. It was far quieter than Times Square, which is an area in which we were told several times we should stay. I say skip the crowds and noise, and venture over to a calmer side of town. The hotel was still still only 2 or 3 blocks from Grand Central, so getting around was easy breezy! Not to mention, we were surrounded with an amazing selection of coffee and dining! (Then again, it's New York City. When are you not?!)

Loved the carpet in the room! All around, great decor and ambience.

The first evening there, we took it easy. Grabbed some coffee from 2beans and strolled down to Grand Central.... and then to some shopping and Times Square.

I thought the ceiling in the main concourse was so intriguing. 

Speaking of 2beans.....I wished I could have taken this place home with me!

The quintessential visit to Times Square!

I was electrified at the motion, lights, excitement, frenzy and all-around energy and vibe of NYC, particularly this area! We Texans tend to be pretty laid back! 

We stopped a friendly European family and asked for them to take a photo of us. We returned the favor!

SO.....I have this thing for macarons! I also have this little thing for anything & everything that reminds me in any shape, form or fashion--of France!! (I've had the itch to go back lately!) So we were headed for another breakfast restaurant, when we stumbled upon this adorable little Paris-inspired cafe! They had an immense collection of macaron flavors and splendid coffee as well! We went for breakfast every morning! 

Speaking of Breakfast!! One morning I had quite the large appetite, so I opted for a sandwich from the lunch menu. So divine!! And, we shared the Nutella crepes for a dessert---after breakfast! Hey, it was our anniversary! ;)

We then strolled down to Rockefeller Center......

((I had to take a selfie infront of the Today Show and send it to my momma---I grew up with the Today show as our morning soundtrack every single day... Seeing it was pretty much the cat's pajamas.))

And for the record (because I'm obsessive) here's the selfie.

No sooner did we round the corner, we ran into Joss Christensen, Olympic Gold medalist in men's freestyle skiing in Sochi just the week before. We also met Gus & Nick (silver & bronze). Meeting these three guys that made history- that was pretty incredible!

We then went to the very top. Goes without saying that it was a fascinating view of one of the most amazing cities in the world.

Our next venture was to meet Lady Liberty herself.

What an incredible experience! This was one of the only times in my life I can say that I was speechless, in total awe. She was so immense and simply majestic.

Strolled down Wall Street while we were in Lower Manhattan...I felt like I was in a movie!!!...I always wanted to be an extra!

Photo fun during a quick subway ride!

This is 1 WTC, the new World Trade Center.

Ground Zero was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. Not many have ever, or will ever come close to this.

We spent quite a long time here. I am at a loss for words to describe what this view, above, did to me. 

Friday was rainy for most of the day, so we spent it exploring a few neighborhoods such as Soho, Greenwich Village, Upper East side to name a few....we made quite the full circle! But we ended the afternoon by slowing down a bit and enjoying the Art of the Metropolitan

I will definitely be making my way here again our next trip! 

This mocha had to be one of the best that's ever graced my tastebuds. That's all!

And this berry tart....don't get me started! Thoroughly enjoyed this cute little cafe, Le Pain Quotidien. If you're reading this, you owe it to yourself and your overall well-being to order this Brunette Organic Hazelnut Spread. You are welcome in advance. I just husband saw me looking at it to acquire the link and hence commanded me to order a jar. We wanted to buy a jar that day, but didn't for fear of our luggage being overweight on the way home! I couldn't afford another ounce.


This was just my short & sweet montage of our 5th anniversary trip to New York City. Yes, 5th!! This trip was in every sense of the word, inspiring, relaxing, and pure fun. Stephen & I love to travel together. We love to venture to a place in which we are completely unfamiliar, and learn the ropes by way of hitting the streets and becoming acquainted with locals. 

Are there any sights, museums, shopping, restaurants, or any other "local" experiences you recommend in NYC? We're already planning our next trip back, and hope to take family and/or friends along! 

I am happy to have finally spruced up this blog with a post! Thank you for visiting,