Monday, August 25, 2008

Officially Engaged!

This is Stephen & I before eating at The Vault- FABULOUS Mediterranean cuisine!!! We had a lovely 4-course meal, and the people who worked there, who knew what was going to happen, treated me like royalty!

All four of us after dinner...

Stephen & I in the Richardson Room of the Fort Worth Bass Performance Hall after the Symphony...after the big question came out! And the big answer was YES!

Here again is the lovely painting of us, I am still amazed by it!!!!!!

Us with the man behind the scenes! Tim was sneaking around getting everything ready during the symphony.

Oh I love this one!!!! This is us at The King's house afterward, our families were there waiting on us with a celebration!!! By the neck- that's the Audrey Hepburn pose ;o)

Everyone just visiting for awhile..... and me holding Benjamin! :o)

Daniella....our entertainment for the night! her! :o)

Well as promised..there are the pictures of the engagement & all....This week we will be deciding alot of things, so I will inform you all of a date! I need to go for now...don't have too much time for blogging today....with a wedding to plan, I have other things to tend to :o)

Blessings to everyone!

-Future Mrs. Rivers!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the title says it all....:o)

This is the AMAZING painting Stephen had done....I am blown away!

Since it is so late, I will update and add pictures of our grand event, and our engagement celebration, I will probably add them tomorrow or Monday!!!! I KNOW a ton of you asked me dates and details, but I will inform everyone soon! We may even make a wedding website.

Okay....I will put up the rest later! I'm so excited and tired and wired (at the same time ha!!!) check back later for details ;o)