Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am still here!


So I haven't gone completely awol! Just partially. I will be back, with another wedding recap!! At the rate I'm going maybe I will have them done by our first anniversary! I will post again when I can grab at the next passing opportunity. Until then, hold tight. All three of you.




Alyssa said...

LOVE that pic!:) Hope to see ya soon! love ya!

Whitney Ward said...

lolol!!! I hope I am one of the three!!!! =)

Tangela Witt said...

Awesome Shot!! LOVE LOVE LOVE The lighting behind y'all with everything else dark ... *out of curiosity* Did he have a light behind you? BTW: I apologize for not taking the time before now to comment on (ALL Of) Your INCREDIBLE Wedding Pics!! :) Hated so badly that I wasn't able to attend! Y'all make an astounding couple :) Love Ya Both!

Brittany Rivers said...

Tang- no there was no light behind us! We were walking down stairs to get to another location where we wanted to take a picture, and on our way down those stairs he said "halt!!" Thus this amazing picture =)