Thursday, February 4, 2010

This month is special

I so amazed at how fast this year went by! I meant to post on the first of this month but I didn't want to until I had time to sit down and take my time. It is so hard to believe that in 16 days we will celebrate our first anniversary! Alot of people say, when referring to how long they have been married, that 2 years felt like 20. Well.....I have a hard time relating to that because 12 months feels like 12 weeks to me.  I look at our wedding photos and I am in 100% disbelief that it was a year ago! Speaking of wedding photos, I never really got to finish posting them. When there's nearly 700 photos it takes alot of time that I simply did not have the past few months! So for our "anniversary month" (why just celebrate it on one day only? I'm even putting out anniversary decorations! Ha! Call me crazy :), I am going to finish recapping our wedding. Then in March move on to other things that I have up my sleeve.

I have this crazy feeling this is going to be nothing short of a wonderful, BIG, and busy year! I am anxious and giddy to see where we go, what we do, what we learn this year. =)

And just because I like to add a picture to every post...this is me with my *classy* friend Hannah and her sister {childhood friends}....
And of course since this photo is so awesome ;-) Check out Sam.

Here's to ummm.....making better habits of actually posting. *clink*  =)


Jacqueline said...

Happy Early Congrats on your first Aniversery!!!


Alyssa said...

Hey!=) Your blog has been nominated for Kreativ Blogger Award! Check out my site for the steps to follow to complete the process!=)