Thursday, October 6, 2011


Had a nice, relaxing, low-key birthday on Monday.

I worked until noon, spent the whole afternoon with my mommy over lunch- a wonderfully thin pizza from Patrizio's, and then conversation over coffee at Buon Giorno, my favorite coffee shop in Fort Worth. (Locals-you must try an iced Tuscan Mocha!)

The we met my husband at the house and met some more family and a few friends at Gloria's. My husband brought me one of our favorites- a real cheesecake from J Rae's Bakery in Fort Worth! This cheesecake is not your ordinary cheesecake (it doesn't even contain cream cheese- that's the real deal!). They even wrote "Happy 22nd" on top; something they informed him they're never done on a cheesecake before :)

Here are a few photos to highlight the day....

THE cake  

My husband & I 

My 2 moms :)

Beautiful Calla Lillies and Snapdragons from my mom

It was a blessed birthday. Looking forward to great things this coming year! 

Also wanted to share this. This video came across my newsfeed on Facebook today and I just loved it. 

To creativity!! 

Have a creative day!

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