Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Striped Hallway!

Sheepishly, expecting him to give me a crazy look and say" you want to do what?".... I told my husband I wanted to paint gray stripes in our hallway.

So the next day, he went to Home Depot and bought me a laser level, yardstick, pencil, and 3 rolls of paint tape. No questions asked. Booyah!

He is so awesome.

So this was several months ago and I still get looks and compliments from everyone that walks through my door. I am so happy with it. One of my favorite DIY's I have ever...umm....DIY'ed.

SO...I thought I'd share with you a little tutorial. Almost anyone with any painting experience can figure out how to do this, but being the first time to ever do anything like it, I am astounded at how well the whole process went. All of my stripes turned out exceptionally perfect and straight. So for those who may not know where to start, here is a little help!

First, you will need a wooden yardstick (or a ruler, whichever you prefer), a laser level, and pencil and eraser (because you'll more than likely slip and make an accidental mark), and of course paint tape. I used blue tape, but all I had when taking this photo was green. I must say- GOOD paint tape is absolutely imperative!!! You cannot afford to get cheap tape. I'd say this is the most important tool. I used Scotch blue tape.

This little thing is worth more than I paid. Only cost $20, but I have found it to be valuable for other home improvements...especially hanging pictures! No one likes putting multiple holes in the wall. This assures you that it will be straight the first time. It has a vacuum suction cup on the back, when you turn it on, a laser shoots out of one side, along the wall, all while sticking to the wall so you can move all along the wall drawing your line without having to keep moving it. I do have an old house, and the walls bowed out just a little in some places, do I did have to keep moving it in a few places.

Here is a photo after I finished my stenciling. I measured 6" from the ceiling and made a pencil mark. Your ceiling might be a different height from mine, so first measure it {make sure to not count the moulding} and figure out a measurement that will make all stripes even, from top to bottom {you don't want all of your stripes to be 6" and the bottom one turnes out only 3"}. Luckily, mine happened to be an even 6". Start making stripes by leveling the laser to your pencil mark and sticking it to the wall. Line your ruler up to the laser and draw a line...repeat until you have a solid line all the way around, or wall to wall, whatever your case is. When you start a new level, simply measure down from the previous line and make another mark. You will have some serious calf muscles afterwards from climbing up and down the ladder! This is the most time consuming step.

You can easily lose track and mess up here. Focusing is key! I taped the ceiling, since I don't have moulding up there. It is important to make sure you tape on the correct side of the line. It helped me to write the word "gray" in the inside of the lines that were to be painted. That way I knew the tape needed to be on the outisde of the lines. So when you are done taping it should look like this....

Notice how every other stripe looks slim? Those are to be left white on the inside. The wider stripes are to be painted.

When you are done taping, run your fingers along the edges and make sure there are no bubbles where the tape isn't all the way on. This will cause paint to run! No bueno.

Here you can see we started painting the inside of the wider stripes.....I highly recommend using a roller brush.

 Almost done!

 I'll be honest, at this point, I was scared. It just looked like SO MUCH gray!!!

Next step: peel all the tape off and make a huge tape ball!!! =D Actually.....you can skip that part if you want.

We waited about 3 hours before we took the tape off.

And here was the final result...

I have since moved things around as well as gotten a better camera...so here are a few photos I snapped today...

My husband picked this one out....we love it!

Above is one of my Made By Girl prints....I love her work!! She is fabulous. Her blog is also one of my favorites.

Hope you like it!!! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Have a great week everyone!!!