Saturday, October 8, 2011

Training for...10 Marathons??

March 17, 2012 - April 7, 2012

Twelve miles a day. For twenty-one days. 

That's a half marathon a day. Why am I doing this? >>> Read<<<


Tonight I jogged about 2 1/2 - 3 miles (need a pedometer!) with my husband. He challenges me and keeps me going. Well, not just in training, but with many other aspects of life as well :-) Last week my training started around 6:30 am, but the past few days it happened in the evening time. Which is fine with me, because that's when he exercises. Next week I think I'll keep it that way, except for the days when we're busy in the evening. I also have some cross-training mixed in. This week I tried Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred. I'll leave that one alone. (my calf muscles are screaming bloody murder)


Tonight I had steak. It just sounded so good. Of course, my husband was the master chef on this one! Lately our meals consist of grilled chicken, salad, lots of vegetables, smoothies, grilled chicken, lentils & beans (cooked fresh), more grilled chicken, wheat berries, and lots of water. Breakfast consists of Greek yogurt, protein granola and fruit or oatmeal (nice & filling, especially since breakfast happens pretty early for us), lunch is usually a smoothie or a salad, and dinner a grilled meat with vegetables. 

Before the training started, I met with a personal trainer for a personal fitness evaluation. I was actually told that I need to eat more. That kind of surprised me, but then I got to thinking about it; I eat like a bird. I pick at a little bit of food here & there, and anytime I try to eat a full-size meal, I am waaaay to stuffed in the end. I am a snacker. Albeit, a healthy snacker. I just need more sustenance. As in, more MEAT. I am not much of a meat-eater (unless curry is involved) so this process should be quite interesting. I need to make a better habit of documenting my meals!

Spiritual Journey.

Today was one of those days. I wasn't just putting in my 2 miles for the day. Even in training, I'm beginning to feel weighed down by the burden of 54+ million lives lost to abortion, and the spirit of death that has been cultivated in our country....and in our world. As I wearily jogged, trying to properly pick my tired feet up off the ground and keep from skidding (and watching my husband run ahead of me, farther and farther, only to slow down and jog in place to wait on me....what a guy), I had a moment with God. I didn't ask Him to lift the burden, but I asked Him to help me run the race that is set before me (Hebrews 12:1-3), even carrying this burden that is dear to His heart.

This journey is shaping me in so many ways already. I'll be expounding on this matter a whole lot more in the days and weeks to come; sharing with you the prayer journey and the studies that I'm devoting my time to....such as learning to live a fasted lifestyle- not fasting from food, although that's a part of it; but living fasted in the things I devote my time and my mind to, really learning how to lay down my own comfort and ease for the preparation this journey requires......and ultimately, really learning in a deeper way how to lay down my own wants and desires for a greater cause (sounds something like marriage....hmm). I am so honored that God chose me to carry this burden. 

This is my destiny!

Photo taken at our first group training day with all of the girls from the Dallas area. Sporting our LIFE bands! (photo credit: Laura Allred)

Stay tuned for more updates on my daily life- yes, the cooking and the shopping and the decorating- as well as training updates.

(this late-night blogpost brought to you in part by Seattle's Best Coffee- without it, my brain only partially works)

For life,


Thursday, October 6, 2011


Had a nice, relaxing, low-key birthday on Monday.

I worked until noon, spent the whole afternoon with my mommy over lunch- a wonderfully thin pizza from Patrizio's, and then conversation over coffee at Buon Giorno, my favorite coffee shop in Fort Worth. (Locals-you must try an iced Tuscan Mocha!)

The we met my husband at the house and met some more family and a few friends at Gloria's. My husband brought me one of our favorites- a real cheesecake from J Rae's Bakery in Fort Worth! This cheesecake is not your ordinary cheesecake (it doesn't even contain cream cheese- that's the real deal!). They even wrote "Happy 22nd" on top; something they informed him they're never done on a cheesecake before :)

Here are a few photos to highlight the day....

THE cake  

My husband & I 

My 2 moms :)

Beautiful Calla Lillies and Snapdragons from my mom

It was a blessed birthday. Looking forward to great things this coming year! 

Also wanted to share this. This video came across my newsfeed on Facebook today and I just loved it. 

To creativity!! 

Have a creative day!